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Google is best search engine in the omniverse. But it has some annoying features too. Let me explain the scenario. In first search something, just click to a result, then go back and tataaa! After 500 millisecond an annoying box is opening below of your clicked result with slide effect. Just you’re trying to find best result. You don’t need that what other people searched. You want to click to next result which is in at first seen position. But a bullshit box is opening with slide effect over that and your mouse cursor is missing the correct position. This is so annoying thing when you’re making quick search.

Probably I found a solution for completely remove that bullshit box. Let me explain the solution. In first you must install that extension. Then open google and paste that javascript to this extension:

document.querySelectorAll('[id^="eob_"]').forEach((element) => {

What makes this? Let me explain this code. When you inspect that annoying box then you will see that this box’s id is starting with eob_ string. May be eob_1, eob_2, eob_3 whatever. This javascript code is removing all divs which id is starting with eob_. Then google doesn’t find this elements and not opening it. That’s all.

Yes I know this isn’t best solution. Becouse if google change this eob_ shit then this code needs to be changed. But for now this is working. If I see that bullshit box then I may inspect html and find another solution.

Hey google, you’re best search engine for web but please give us an opportunity for removing that shit box inside of search settings. Otherwise we will spend some hours for find a solution for this shit.

Happy coding, but it will not happy everytime…


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